Details of Sonoma is no longer Diamond Certified
here is the story:

We decided to seek certification from American Ratings corporation in their "Diamond Certified" program because the objectives of the program aligned closely with our own internal goals for quality and client satisfaction.
We feel that the diamond certification program is an important tool in assuring our clients satisfaction. We are very pleased to have been awarded the prestigious Diamond Certified award in October of 2006. And again in 2007, 2008, 2009 and in 2010. Details of Sonoma has dropped the Diamond Certified program and is no longer part of the program. This decision was base on the cost of the program and in no way reflects poorly on Diamond Certified.  This decision was based soly on the sales volume in a very poor ecconomy. We wish the American Ratings Company all the best.

The following quotes are excerpted from the diamond certified web site:site:


Who is diamond certified are and what do they believe?

"Our mission is to define excellence and identify for consumers the highest
quality local companies. the three founders (of American Ratings Company), Jim Stein, Greg Louie and Guy Sherman, have decades of experience rating and certifying local service and professional firms on behalf of consumers. "

Some of the key beliefs of Diamond Certified program:

"We are totally committed to performing all ratings and ongoing certification work with the highest integrity and accuracy. We believe:
1. You the consumer have the right to know which companies are truly performing at the highest level of quality.
2. The highest quality companies should be rewarded for their ongoing performance through public recognition.
3. Companies should be held accountable for their performance, one customer at a time.

We do not allow an unlimited number of companies to earn diamond certified. in fact, only a handful of companies can qualify in most industries, and these we re-rate on a quarterly basis to assure you that they stay the best and, of course we stand behind each diamond certified company with our own guarantee."

In order to gain the diamond certified credential a company must undergo a comprehensive examination and score 90% or higher on a survey of client satisfaction. In our first year we scored a composite score of 95.49 out of 100.

The following questions are those used during the survey process. We feel that these questions are so important that we are implementing a program to ask each client these questions at the middle and end of each project.
Question #1 On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being very satisfied and 1 being very dissatisfied, how satisfied were you with the quality that you most recently received from Details of Sonoma?
Question #2 If you needed contractor services again would you use or recommend Details of Sonoma, Inc?
Question #3 What did you like best about your experience with Details of Sonoma, Inc?
Question #4 What area do you think Details of Sonoma should improve?

This graphic shows the regerous step towards Diamond Certification:

stringent customer satisfaction research and rating

companies must apply to be certified.




2. Sample
a random sample of typically 400 past customers is pulled from all customer files of the applicant company.

3. Survey
a confidential telephone survey captures the customer satisfaction score based on quality.

4. Tabulation
the quality score is tabulated. to qualify, the company must score a very high 90 on a 100 scale.
rigorous standards are enforced

5. Credentials
the applicant company’s credentials are independently rated (license, insurance, complaint status and credit for contractors).

6. Practices
are the company’s business practices "customer friendly"? it must stand behind its performance.
only the highest pass

7. Agreement
the company agrees to adhere to the diamond certified customer satisfaction principles.

8. Award
if quality rating, credential rating and business practices qualify, the company is awarded diamond certified.

Ongoing customer satisfaction and performance is required

Credentials and complaints are monitored quarterly, and additional customer
surveys are completed from quarterly to annually.

If ever necessary, the company participates in Diamond Certified mediation.

A limited guarantee ensures performance.

The Company participates in the ongoing elite Diamond Certified Quality Satisfaction Program.

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