Effective September 24, 2010 the Privacy Policy for Details of Sonoma is as follows:

It is the policy of Details of Sonoma to not collect any data on individual who visit our website. There fore we do not issue tracking cookies or other tracking schemes.

In the case where a potential client wishes to submit information to us for the purpose of being contacted by us that information is filled out on our Propsective client web page. The only information recorded is that which is volenteered by the would be client.  The information entered is transmitted by email to the operational officers of the corporation and no one else.  That information is then transfered to a contact record in our email system for the purpose of contacting the prospective client.

Informaition given to Details of Sonoma is held in confidance and never given, sold or transmitted to someone outside the corporation.

Please direct any questions about Privacy to wards David Lucas