On this page you will find some of the many testimonial letters that clients have given us.  You can also view some of the photos from past projects here. Everyone at Details of Sonoma takes a great deal of satisfaction in the good opinion of our past and present clients. When our clients are happy we know that we are doing our jobs well.

“We went through one kitchen remodel in the past, so we had a better idea of what a complete kitchen makeover involved. We requested bids and visits from 5 contractors. We quickly whittled it down to two, but in the end Dave Douglas was our choice. He did not try to push his own designs on us, but he listened to our ideas. There was a lot of back-and-forth communications and discussions when some structural issues came to play, which were resolved to everyone's satisfaction. Dave was never reluctant to offer his own excellent suggestions, many of which we decided to implement. His being detail-oriented certainly is an understatement, the finished work is impeccable. Dave employed extremely qualified subcontractors and smoothly managed the timeline. The project went very smoothly, and we ended up with a fabulous new kitchen.

Are we happy with our new kitchen? You bet we are, and all our friends admire our new kitchen.

We can't wait to get a new project started with Details of Sonoma, and this time it will be a bathroom remodel!”

—André & Lyliane Piquet

Our experience with Details of Sonoma was very positive. They were under pressure to get dry rot work done before our Association painters arrived. They worked quickly and did a very thorough job. We were delighted with the customer service—they kept us informed of their progress as the job worked.

—Judy McGourty

They did great work on our deck—we’ll probably never need to work on it again. They did excellent work and they were very pleasant to deal with. Would recommend them to others without hesitation.

—Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Regalia

Details of Sonoma was recommended by someone in our Home Association who is very picky—they definitely lived up to our exacting standards! They did a wonderful job building my awning and took care of our dry-rot problem in a timely manner and within the budget discussed. Everything was explained very clearly and the people were exceptionally polite and helpful. They even took out my garbage for me!

—Gloria Rylie

Details of Sonoma replaced my doors and windows. From start to finish it was a positive experience. The project staff was professional, polite and provided quality work on time and on budget. Even when there was a clerical glitch in the ordering process, they were very quick to make things right—exceptional customer service. They did an excellent job—better than I could have expected—and I will be looking to refer them to others.

—Gloria Ogg

Details of Sonoma built a new deck for us and the process was absolutely a positive experience. The project managers were clearly passionate about what they do—they were creative and provided great workmanship. Overall it was a quality project done on time and on budget. We were thrilled with the results and  I we will use them in the future and recommend them to others.

—Juerden Reinacher

Details of Sonoma did a remodel for us and we couldn’t be happier with the work they did. They gave us the home we envisioned and provided great quality work within the budget we developed with them. All of the workers, from the project manager to the subcontractors, were hard-working and went above and beyond to meet our expectations. They were professional, dedicated, caring and sensitive to our needs. We can honestly say they exceeded our expectations. We have already recommended Details to our neighbors and friends.

—Valerie Rodriguez

I couldn’t be happier with the job Details of Sonoma did on my windows and trim. I live alone and needed someone knowledgeable to advise me on what I should do. They were very helpful and accommodating. They were very prompt with scheduling, extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. They worked within my budget and I am delighted with the results.

—Trisha Oppelt

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DETAILS of Sonoma did a kitchen and two bathroom remodels for us and throughout the process they were conscientious about making sure every detail was right. When David came to inspect the job, he saw a line in the ceiling we didn’t even notice and he made certain it was redone—he did the same thing with the finish on one wall of the bathroom. DETAILS also offered all sorts of suggestions and advice to improve the value of our home, like bath ventilation to avoid mold, energy saving light fixtures and the like. We came into the project with a “small picture” view of what we wanted done and DETAILS helped us expand that view so we had a better quality project which will provide us with greater value when it comes to resale. We were extremely impressed with their quality, communication and concern for our needs.

—Larry and Sallie Keyser

I’d rate Details of Sonoma a solid “10.” They worked on our apartment complex remodel and did an outstanding job. They honored their time-commitment and worked within the budget projected—providing both top-notch quality work and service. They are a very professional outfit and I will definitely be recommending them to others.

—Todd Sheppard

I had purchased home theater equipment from one of the major “big box” companies and had that company install it in my last home. $20,000 later, it was nothing like I had envisioned and did not meet my needs at all. After moving to my new home I discovered DETAILS and had them create a new home theater for me. DETAILS came in and made certain they understood everything I wanted from the system and proceeded to create the professional theater and sound system I had always had in mind. I won’t ever make the mistake of calling a big box store again. If you want a great home theater system, and you want it installed right, I recommend DETAILS of Sonoma be your first choice.

—Michael Gates

Details of Sonoma provided us with a new patio cover and it was a good experience that lived up to our expectations. They were positive, friendly and helpful, and they shared ideas for improvements we wouldn’t have considered on our own that made the project better than we envisioned without incurring a lot of extra expense.

—Don Seghieri

Details of Sonoma put in new windows for me and it was a very positive experience. They appreciated and valued my time and they kept me well informed on the progress of the project. They were also very helpful in showing me the most cost-effective way to enhance the value of my home. I am very pleased with the results and recommend them to others.

—Kevin Hofer

We needed to do extensive dry rot repair on our home and DETAILS did an extremely professional and very thorough job. We could not be happier with the quality of their communication and the results; DETAILS was extremely diligent throughout the project on keeping us apprised of cost and scheduling changes. They did great work for us and we are delighted to recommend them.

—Christopher and Janet Schink

DETAILS of Sonoma did a variety of remodel projects in my home that included a new bath, painting the house inside and out, new windows, siding, attic venting, outlets and lighting. Throughout the process, DETAILS did a very professional job—the workmanship was excellent and they regularly made suggestions on how to add improvements that would provide cost savings in the future. They provided great communication throughout the project and let me know immediately if there were changes in the budget or schedule—there were no surprises.

Great company to work with; I’ve already recommended them to my sister.

—Conrad Weil

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