The Extended Team

This is perhaps one of the most exciting parts of our web page. In the near future (October 2007ish) you will find Biographies and tons of
information from those who make Details bigger than it is: our key supply chain partners. These are the folks we send our clients to for expert
information and great customer service.
Some of those who will appear here are:
The above list is not complete but should give you an idea of where we are going to with this section.

These pages are currently under development by the individuals represented above or their companies.

  1. Give the Details client a level of comfort and familiarity with your representitive.
  2. Give the Details client an idea of the nature, product offerings and history of your company.

What this program is NOT:

We have no expectation that these documents should constitute an endorsement of Details of Sonoma, Inc.
or that they should bind Details of Sonoma, Inc to any exclusive relationship of your company. We all deal
with hundreds of other companies and nothing we do here should be viewed as binding or changing the way
we conduct our businesses.

What this program is:

We want to showcase some of our key suppliers for our clients. We want clients of Details of Sonoma, Inc.
to know who they and we are working with to achieve their dreams. We strongly believe that the people / companies
that we invite to participate in this project can and do make a significant contribution to both the satisfactory customer
experience and the overall success of each clients project. We believe that clients will feel more comfortable meeting
with and talking to someone who they know nothing about, a complete stranger. The objective for each of these
documents is listed above and the methods used to achieve the objectives will, we expect, be as unique as the
individuals that they introduce.

We humbly offer the following suggestions: a photograph of your representitive and a biographical narrative (see principal
biographies under About Details for a sample). Contact information should be supplied for your representitive (email, fax,
and phone), hours of operation and physical address. With respect to your business you have lots of latitude you have no
practical size limit on what you can place here. We suggest that you use this space to help Clients of Details to understand
what you company can do for them. What kind of services/products you offer. You can also introduce in a group format
the other persons that the client might come into contact with. We would expect that you will include a link to one or more
web sites that have additional information for the client. We only ask that all hyperlinks open a new window.

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